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A platform upgrade to this blog connected with our website, had us down for several months on blogging here.    Instead of being totally down, we researched and moved our blogging out of our studio during that time. You can know find our blogs at: Blogger -- Entwined Vines Jewelry Wordpress -- Read All About It   Occasionally we will add a blog here, but the two above will be our primary ones. Cheers, Tina & Tammy... » Read More

How to Make Viking Knit pt 2

 So now that you have made a run of viking knit you are probably wondering what to do with it now. In this tutorial, I will walk you through the basic steps of turning that knit into a stunning bracelet. You will need to start off with your standard jewelry tools beads and wire. I have pictured here what I used to make this piece... Once you have all the tools you think you will want you will put a basic loop at the end of your wire. In this piece I used 18g vintage Parawire and choose to tie off the loop with a double wrap around the base of the wire for added stability as shown.   After setting your end loop sting on one end cap follo... » Read More

How to Make Viking Knit pt 1

 I know there are many ways to make Viking knit but here is a basic outline of how I go about making a simple weave...Materials used for this part of the project:15 yards 24g wire plus an additional 6” to start wrap Draw plate made by Glasshopper PatternsWooden Dowel about ½” diameterRuler Poky thingBent nose pliersPlastic tipped flat nose pliersWire Cutter1) I wrap my wire around the width of a ruler the number of times to equal the number of rows I want. I prefer 7 or 9 rows so that is how many times I wrap the wire. The gauge of wire is dependent on personal desire, what you are making, and grade. I have made a... » Read More

History of Viking knit

I went to my local bead store (Bead Happy in Milwaukie, OR) and looked at the listing for classes. I have been working with beads and wire most of my life but am always on the lookout for something new to me and fun. I saw a listing for Viking knit bracelet and even though I had no clue what it was, I signed up. I am drawn to old Norse things and this sounded so fun. When I got home, I started looking up pictures and fell in love with the look of this woven wire art. After I looked around I told Tammy all about what I had found and promised I would teach her once I had a clue as to what I was doing. We both have fallen for this craft as we find it... » Read More