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Care Bear ~ Step Seven

Step Seven The Tummy symbol. Since the bear choice for Molly is the Love-A-Lot bear, the tummy symbol is two hearts overlapping. I like to sew the symbol on the tummy before I sew it on the bear. This is SO much easier.  ... » Read More

Care Bear ~ Step Six

Step Six On go the ears. Positioning and holding in place with pins is done. I put a slight curve in the ear at this time. I find that it give a bit more personality to the bears. I also added an extra row of single crochet across the bottom for easier sewing.I sew the ears on through the front loops and the back loops of the single crochet.I'm staring to look like something now. :)... » Read More

Care Bear ~ Step Five

Step Five The heart nose and mouth go on the muzzle next.Pinning the pieces on before sewing is an absolute must. Adjustments are made until everything looks just right. I sew the heart nose on first. I then make sure that the mouth is still where I want it. The mouth is sewn on at the top of the single crochet and the bottom. This makes everything nice and secure.... » Read More

Care Bear ~ Step Four

Step Four I then changed to the #7 steel hook and the #10 crochet cotton. The details for the bear are small. Love-A-Lot Bear has 6 hearts in various sizes. 2 hearts for foot pads, 1 for the nose, 1 for the backside, and 2 for the tummy symbol. Also included in the pattern is the mouth. ... » Read More

Care Bear ~ Step Three

Step Three I then made all of the yarn pieces. The ears have an inner(white) and outer piece that are crocheted together to make a single piece Two arms are made. Next is the tummy also done in white. The two legs are next. There are different directions for the left and right legs. This allows for the contour of the round body so the bear can sit . The last piece is the tail.... » Read More

Care Bear ~ Step Two

Step Two Next is making the muzzle. The piece is crocheted in white. It is then sewn on the face between the cheeks.... » Read More

Care Bear ~ Step One

Step One The first and largest piece is the head and and body. The cheeks are shaped by increases and decreases over several rows. The stuffing accentuates this feature. Stuffing done right is a slow process. Small pieces are used to fill in and shape the piece. This ensures that you have a firm but squishible end result. The neck is shaped by wrapping yarn around the rows below the head. I make it as tight as possible and sew in place. I like that it gives a nice definition.... » Read More

Making a Care Bear

Making a Care Bear A tradition has started in the McGarvey family. Each of the grandchildren have a Care Bear made by me. The newest member of the family is due to arrive in March. Molly Elizabeth is receiving a Love-A-Lot bear. This is a gift of love and very time intensive. I decided to share the process of what it takes to turn the pattern into a gift. I hope you enjoy following along. Below is a picture of what all the hard work turns into. ... » Read More

Diaper Cover & Diaper Cover Washcloth with Soap

I am happy to announce a collaboration with local soap artisan, Dragonfly Soap Works!We were next to each other at a local craft show.Laura and I quickly formed a mutual admiration club. She has a wonderful variety of  Spa Products. One of the best things, is that all of her different scents meld together (in a show setting) to produce a calming yet energizing atmosphere.The conversations and ideas were flowing. As she was looking at my baby clothes she saw a diaper cover in one of my knit sets. She had an idea! We worked together, made modifications, changes and....TaDa!A diaper cover for baby and soap. The diaper cover is also a washcloth!... » Read More

Creating the Inkie

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon in October of 2011.I had been working on a bunch of amigurumi from patterns for upcoming craft shows.I was playing with my hooks and yarn, not for any other reason than for fun.I started with the body. Just a small piece. The shape was kind of cute, but plain.I decided to put a detail at the bottom of the body. I had one row added and it was kind of cute, but it wasn't quite right. I added another row, but the propotion was off.On the next attempt, I used a different stitch and I was thinking that I might be able to work with this.I started having ideas for the head. Some of them were really unworkable and too comple... » Read More

Picture of Inkies

... » Read More