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Love for jewelry making vs . no sales.

I guess some times I feel like I need to stop making jewelry. Friends tell me don't through good money after bad .I've been making jewelry for about 5 yrs. now as a hobby .I quit for about a year.This is my second try at art fire this time .I  can't afford the extra money they say it takes to get things sold since I'm on a limited budget and home bound .I use face book a lot . I think I've ranted enough . Sorry if I bothered any one .... » Read More

My love of all things Jewelry.

Every day I see new things.Some days I create new things... » Read More

Trying to adjust

At my age trying to get established seems almost out of reach .I had Art Fire a couple years ago but couldn't make the jump. Today I am still making jewelry so I decided to take another try at it .I really hope this time I will make it. I do love making jewelry. Never been much at blogging but doing the best I can.... » Read More

MY STUDIO information

Come visit my new ARTFIRE PATRON 157427 STUDIO.  I will  have many new jewelry items.Designed and made by me dianne g.hayes. I am just begining to enter new products . SETS ,Necklaces, Bracelets, earrings ,watches and much much more coming soon. HOPE you"ll DROP on in SOON.... » Read More