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Hand dyed fabrics!

Over a year ago, I decided I wanted to start offering my hand dyed fabrics in my shop, but it's been a busy year!  I finally got time to photograph and add several pieces under 'Hand dyed fabric' in my shop... here is a sample:This is an 'ice-dyed' fabric... I pre-soak it in a soda ash solution, then scrunch it up into a small container and freeze it.  Once it's nice and hard, I remove it from the freezer and pour over the dyes, then let it slowly defrost while the dyes are migrating in very interesting patterns!  If you enjoy sewing, you should check out the pieces I have on hand, and check back often - I plan to do lots of fabric dyeing... » Read More

Highlights of 2011

This has been a banner year for my business, thanks to so many who have purchased from my artfire.com store!  Thanks to you all, and I hope you will come back to buy more in the coming years!  I also had great success at the Art & Craft shows I participated in this year.  In spite of the economic difficulties we have been struggling with the past few years, people still like to buy hand-crafted items, and I have a strong following year to year from returning customers!  So what new items did I introduce this year?         Rayon Sarongs                  Fringed Ponchos       Â... » Read More