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Festivals & Fibromyalgia

I'm supposed to be at the Martinsville Fall Foliage Festival right now. Instead I'm sitting here with Buffy the Vampire Slayer playing in the background and typing this. I'm not at the festival because I planned ahead like a normal person...well, a normal, creative person who procrastinates...but I'm NOT a normal person. In many ways that's fine by me. I'm creative and funny, but I'm also tired and things take me more time to recover from because I live with fibromyalgia.It took me a long time to even accept my diagnoses and it's still hard for me to completely do so. At 38 it feels more like an excuse than a medical issue, but it's all » Read More

ACE Mystery Shopping Donating To The Wounded Warrior Project

For each new shopper with military base access who signs up with ACE Mystery Shopping in January, the company will make a donation to a military veteran's charity. The move is the first of its kind for ACE and may continue with other charities each month. The Wounded Warrior Project ( is the first recipient of ACE's charitable endeavor. The organization, started by Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, provides help for wounded military personnel and their families. The approach includes financial, mental and physical empowerment. The organization offers programs with the overall intention of helping these veterans overcome ... » Read More

Where's The Artist Been?

Life got better, but crazier, this past February when I finally found a full time position with a Community Mental Health Center actually working in my degree field (B.A. in Psychology from the Purdue School of Science at IUPUI). Our income increased to where we were actually making it! But being a Life Skills Specialist working with adults who have serious mental illnesses has been a very time consuming adventure for me as I am learning as I go, this being my first professional job in the field. Meanwhile Mi Esposo completed firefighter school and was hired PT w/our township fire department, which increased his work hours from 48 a week to... » Read More

Past Influences

-Influences in the past which you are now moving away from. It could be an issue that has been dealt with, a person who has moved out of your life, or a solution that has worked for you in the past but is no longer useful. Equilibrium, balance, equity, rightness, harmony, advice, fairness, impartiality, legal issues, every action has its consequences, signifies responsibilities and difficult choices, trying to do the right thing, holding onto what you believe in, or having to face the truth, the moral principle which deals unto every man according to his works.       Suits - Major Arcana:         Â... » Read More

Known Influence

- will show you what you already know to be true. It may represent your thoughts and concerns about the present situation or your aspirations at this time. Learning new ideas, generosity, changing your line of work, learning new skills, a pleasant person, a scolar, an opportunity for prosperity, especially one that requires diligence, persistence, and hard work, application, study, scholarship, being down-to-earth and practical, a sense of awe and wonder about the world, desire, yearning, or aspiration for affluence, news, messages, and the bringer thereof, also rule, management. I drew this card reversed: Prodigality, dissipation, li... » Read More

Root Cause

-Will illuminate the causes of the present situation. Will make clear influences which were previously hidden from your consciousness. A stable family/family matters, home/the abode of a family, gaining prosperity, comfort, inheritance, archives, extraction, "The Wealth Card", gain, riches, following traditional roles, large companies, institutions, the government, etc, seeing beyond material things to what is really important.      Suits - Pentacles:           Associated w/the element of earth. Pentacles are about the body and the material realm. Health, money, work, solid reality.      ... » Read More

The Opposing Factor

- Represents the primary obstacle facing you now. It could be a hurdle to overcome or an inluence which will bring change in the immediate future. Voyage, journey by water, route, way, envoy, commissionary, expedient, a "Journey of Awakening" or a "Spiritual Passage", getting a change of scenery, obstacles overcome, releasing attachments, moving ahead to a brighter future in all things, travel away from difficulty or imminent danger, leaving problems, failures, or old sorrows behind, gaining objectivity or a perspective, especially through distancing yourself from the problem, regaining a healthy balance or perspective in your life.  I dr... » Read More

Heart of The Matter

I have been wanting to learn the Tarot for a long time. So being the some-what-suave smart phone user I am I downloaded a FREE app so I could learn on the go. I've been asking real questions and using the Celtic Cross layout to study the cards. The following is what I got when I asked "In what direction should I take Krafty Kitty Productions now that I'm employeed full time"... -The major influence on you at the time. It could represent what is going on around you as well as your inner state. It is what most concerns you now. Planting the seed of a new beginning, the beginning or the starting point of an enthusiastic situation, undertaking or ... » Read More

9/11 Ten Years Later

Photo taken by Lori A. R. Head in NYC, October 2003. I was in my college Interpersonal Communication class @ IUPUI downtown Indianapolis, IN, USA on 9/11. I got into my car and started to call my boyfriend when my phone rang. It was him. He told me to get out of downtown, America was under attack. I couldn't wrap my head around what he was saying...”2 planes into the Twin Towers in NYC”...”Small planes?”...”No, 747 & 757”...”OMG, what's happening?!”...”COME HOME NOW!!!”...When I walked through the doors the second tower was falling. We sat staring at the tv. They waited for a call from... » Read More

A Day In My Life - Stomach Flu & Recovery

I had the stomach flu yesterday, the kind that takes it all out of you and lands you in bed all day. The graphic kind that teases you into thinking it is all over with only to strike again. However, I am blessed to be married to an EMT who takes very good care of me when I am sick...even when he is sick with a cold and exhausted from work and school himself. I am also blessed to have a Droid 2 with Droid TV since I do not allow a TV in our bedroom. So I laid in bed all day...err, well between sprints to the toilet...and searched the Internet about ha'ole discrimination in Hawaii and the Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement and catching up on some... » Read More

New Day Meadery Semi-Sweet Black Raspberry Mead

Shown in Photo: New Day Meadery Semi-Sweet Black Raspberry Mead Tuesday night was another lonely Stitch & Bitch at New Day Meadery. I think the sleet and snow probably kept everyone else home. But nothing was going to stop me from getting my Growler refilled!   I arrived thirty minutes late and found that Tia was not working. Instead some very nice, young gentleman was behind the bar. I asked him if I could sample the three ciders they had on tap, Free Thinker, Washington’s Folly, and Magpie. I decided on the Washington’s Folly for the Growler and he filled it up and stashed it in the cooler for me.   Next I decided on ... » Read More

Good Earth Chai Tea

Shown in photo: Good Earth Chai Tea According to my box of Good Earth Chai Tea, “Chai (a blend of black tea and spices) is an enchanting drink, enjoyed for centuries in Tibet & India.” I completely agree with enchanting!   I love chai. A lot. And I am picky about my chai. I got spoiled when my friend, Sharmee Bhuta-Divan of Soul Search, lived here in Indiana. She made me REAL chai like back home in Mumbai. I was blessed that she left me her recipe and a location where I could find the ingredients. But I am kind of lazy and did not feel like driving 45 minutes to the Indian grocery store the other day when the chai craving set i... » Read More

Easley Winery 2009 Michigan Riesling

In This Photo: Easley Winery 2009 Michigan Riesling According to my bottle of Easley Winery 2009 Michigan Riesling “The Easley family began growing grapes in southwest Michigan in the 1960’s before starting (their) vineyard in southern Indiana in 1972 and starting (their) winery in downtown Indianapolis in 1974. The land the winery currently sits on was once owned by the fifth Governor of the state of Indiana, Noah Noble, as his home farm. Today, the Easley family is in its second generation of grape growing and wine making. (Their) Indianapolis winery is open seven days a week for wine tasting and special events and (they) offer t... » Read More

New Day Meadery Johnny Chapman Hard Cider

In This Photo: New Day Meadery Growler of Johnny Chapman Hard Cider I bought a Growler of Johnny Chapman Hard Cider Tuesday night at New Day Meadery’s Stitch & Bitch intending to take it to dinner Thursday for Thanksgiving. Yeah, THAT happened, LOL! I had not actually tasted the Johnny Chapman in a while and thought I would just pour me one glass while working on my ArtFire page Wednesday. That one glass turned into the whole liter!   New Day says Johnny Chapman is a “hard apple cider sweetened with Indiana sorghum. (It has ) caramel and malt notes with a sweet cider finish.” It has 4.5% residual sugar and is 7% alcohol ... » Read More

New Day Meadery Semi-Sweet Plum Honey Wine

Shown In This Photo: New Day Meadery Semi-Sweet Plum Honey Wine Every Tuesday between six and nine pm new day meadery in Indianapolis, IN holds its Stitch and Bitch. Since I was out on the town this Tuesday evening anyway I thought I would drop in. It has been a long time since I have been able to attend. Unfortunately, I was the only one who showed up. Not to fear though, I enjoy my own company and even more so after a couple of glasses of wine, LOL! Plus the owner, Tia (a fellow knitter), was there and people were coming and going at a steady pace. I opted for a nice holiday style sipping wine for this evening’s hat knitting session a... » Read More

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

In this photo: Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte & Pumkin Cream Cheese Muffin Technically this is NOT a Stitch & Sip since I'm here with Meredith Stone of Freya's Kitchen & Krafts working on our respective online studios. However, since this IS one of the hottest beverages on the market this time of year I can not pass on the opportunity to review it! I love all things pumpkin and like so many others I spend all year waiting for fall and the return of pumpkin flavored foods and drinks. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is a special treat for me as I can not afford to visit the cafe as often as my coffee habit would like me to. Starbucks website says ... » Read More
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