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Chinese Dragon newly hatched !!!

I was recently asked by a Client to create a new design for a gift for a friend.  She chatted with me as is the nature of Commissioned work and said that she wanted something that would work for her friend to reflect her birth date and that she was thinking maybe a Chinese Dragon would work as her friend had been born in the Year of the Dragon.  As part of the process I then worked on some dragons and then sent the Client a couple of designs to choose from.  She made her choice and then we talked threads.. As can be seen, the process of finally hatching the Dragon took as long as the Client needed to make her choices to create what she... » Read More

Hands and Palms - New Service from Liminal Threads

It took a while for me to decide to offer this service and some convincing from friends and clients!  I wasn't sure whether to offer this but then as said to me - why not?  You do this and have done this on and off for some years, move with the times and offer it online!I decided to test which was the best way to see people's hands - after some experimentation and a few emails sent back and forth from friends, the decision was made - the optimum method would be a colour scan of the back and front of the hands.  This means that I can enlarge the images to really 'get in there' and see the various lines to write a more in depth report.Why H... » Read More

Palmistry, Tarot, Runes - Divinatory Reading Ideas!

Interestingly I've recently started getting back to something I used to do many years ago - Palmistry.  Somehow people started asking me more and more about it so I kind of took it as a sign!Strangely enough, it has also helped me with spring-boarding more ideas with the sewing and embroidery creations.  I was doing a palm reading for a friend who works in a pub (bar) a couple of days ago and I realised that the Rune Reading cloth I have created could be done as a blank cloth and used as a backdrop for a Palm Reading amongst other thing. The reasoning for this was that although the bar top had been cleaned there was a slight stickiness and I... » Read More

Recovery Day and 'What can I use a bag for?'

It's amazing how tired one can be after a one day event, but tired I was and yesterday was an early to bed for me.  I did suffer quite a bit from my arthritis today but I did meet some really interesting people yesterday. One of the comments I had several times yesterday was "I really love your bag designs and want one but I don't know what I'd use one for as I'm not into Tarot etc".  I thought that was really interesting and to be honest, it is not the first time this has been put to me.  You can certainly use these drawstring bags for many other things other than Tarot bags, Rune bags etcFor those who aren't into Esoteric things, and fo... » Read More

Purple, Purple - Everywhere!

Many of my designs are currently being embroidered in purple.  This is because this coming Sunday I have a stall at in London.  There are usually quite a few Gothic people who attendas well as Pagans etc so, for example, the Aphrodite bag is now being embroidered with purple roses.  I have decided that after this event I will be adding these purple options in the shop so check out Artfire next week as they pop up.  I'm also hoping I have enough time to make a small Altarcloth as an example.  Although I shall be looking at making some more of those small Altarcloths for the site to ... » Read More