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Blessed by Papa Francesco!

"The rosary we purchased from you at Amish acres was blessed by Pope Francis on Oct. 8th! What an exciting day! Pat Cheeseman"It is messages like this that keep me going. I am feeling so blessed. ... » Read More

Gallery ... what is it?

This is a link that seems to confuse many people. The GALLERY is work that has been sold and is not available. The value of the listings in the GALLERY is for you to see my previous work and perhaps give you some ideas for a custom piece.My Sold Items GalleryClick on the links on the right side of the screen to go to the various types of products.  From a variety of 5-Decade Rosaries to special designs such as a 'Hail Mary' Rosary, or even a Rosary Hanger to display your Rosary.Remember that the Gallery is prior work displayed as previous work -- just for ideas. ... » Read More

Joy from customer comments . . .

It is so meaningful when a customer leaves a comment about their purchase. The comment in the frame is one that gave me great joy! ... » Read More

A rosary always makes a memorable gift

Special Events - Special Events - Special Events - Special Events... » Read More

BB Brown Bracelet - A Childhood Memory

This simple bracelet came to the name "BB Brown" as I was discussing a possible title for the piece with my husband. The beads are semi-gemstone, natural mahogany obsidian. He made a comment about calling it rabbit pellets. I gave him a dirty look and said, "speaking of pellets ... it kinda' reminds me of BB pellets." Being the purist that he is, he corrected me that BB's (also known as bird pellets) are copper plated. He is correct, but I still liked the name and so "BB Brown" stuck. As with most of my memories, thoughts of the BB's caused me to recall a story. I remember my older teenage brothers and the Daisy BB gun t... » Read More

Popcorn Rosary

Yes, that is what I said, I've created a popcorn Rosary. As you can see from the pictures, I've upcycled some plastic popcorn beads to make this wall hanging rosary for a business that sells grommet  popcorn and other treats. Treat Street Pewaukee makes the best popcorn ever in many flavors. Now comes a statement of their faith in the store.  If you are in the Pewaukee, WI area, stop in at Treat Street to see the rosary I created for them and to try some of their wonderful caramel corn. Tell them, the Rosary Doctor sent you.If you can't get to Pewaukee, below is a link to their online store. » Read More

Our Mother - Your Mother

Mother's Day is coming soon . . .The importance of motherhood is demonstrated by Mary the mother of us all. Jesus Christ and Mary have the special relation of being son and mother, redeemer and redeemed.  By being chosen to give birth to Jesus Christ, she became the Mother of God, giving her an infinite (or immeasurable) dignity originating from God.Combine our honoring of Mary Mother of God with honoring your mother. Catholics have a saying, "You can never have too many Rosaries!" Well, like that saying, there are many beautiful Rosaries available to give to mom for her special day. Perhaps a birthstone rosary, a mystery rosary, a specia... » Read More

This is the Day the Lord Hath Made ...

This is the Day the Lord Hath Made . . .                            . . . Let Us Rejoice and Be Glad!Some days it is more difficult than others to "rejoice and be glad." Today I awoke with a good deal of back pain. However, how I was woken from my sleep made the day worthwhile. Little Regina was standing beside the bed and barking at the top of her lungs. When I opened my eyes she was looking at my face. Regina is one of our two small dogs. Boo Bear is our other little love and she is a Chihuahua and Cairn Terrier Mix.For eight years, Regina lived in a cage and was used as a breeder, by a Breeder of Shi... » Read More

Confirmation and RICA Gifts

Handmade - "Rainbow" Rosary-Swarovski Crystals in Rainbow ColorsIt is that time of year again. You will be getting invitations to Confirmations and RICA graduations. What are you going to give as a gift? The perfect answer is -- an heirloom quality rosary. This special day will be best remembered with a rosary that is unique and beautiful. As an example, this handmade Rosary was created with small, but beautiful Swarovski faceted crystal beads as the Aves. The Paters "Our Fathers." are large Swarovski Crystals of Red, surrounded by multiple gold-plated cube spacers. (See the photo of the beads above.) The construction of this Rosary is with fin... » Read More

Update on the Bucket List . . .

This is an update to my previous BUCKET LIST post . . .So, how am I doing? Quite well, thank you.You'll remember that I has only gotten out of the house four times since Christmas, but I cannot say that anymore.  My Granddaughter-In-Law (Karla) came and kidnapped me Friday night and took me to the movie Divergent, along with my Daughter-In-Law (Ronna), what a great girl's night out. That was my fifth outing in 2014. Then, yesterday, my husband (Vince) took me to visit his parents in Marion, IN ... it was fun and the first time our furry babies (Regina and Boo Bear) got to meet Grandma and Grandpa. They were both very well behaved, I'm talking a... » Read More

Roman Catholic Mariology

I am sharing a part of this article from Wikipedia for those interested in the reason that Roman Catholics hold the Virgin Mary in such high regard.This article is about  Roman Catholic Mariology is the systematic study of the person of the Blessed Virgin Mary and of her place in the economy of salvation, within the theology of the Catholic Church. In the Catholic perspective, Mary has a precise place in the plan of salvation and a special place within tradition and devotion. She is seen as having a singular dignity, and receives a higher level of veneration than all other saints. Roman Catholic Mariology thus s... » Read More

Rosary Doctor asks for LIKES on FaceBook . . .

"They like me, they really like me," said Actress Sally Fields as she accepted her Oscar. As some of you may have noticed, I have been working on my Facebook page under the name Rosary Doctor. You may know that the more LIKES I have the better the page looks to people who just stumble across my page. Additionally, a number of LIKES are needed to get use of the full Facebook page tools. So, I am asking . . . will you please like my Rosary Doctor page on Facebook?If you love the piece you purchased from me, please consider writing a brief review of my work. Anything you can do to help me from a LIKE to a full blown REVIEW is greatly appr... » Read More

There's a Hole in My Bucket . . .

Yesterday I told you about my "Mind Bucket List." Do you remember the old scout camp song, There's a hole in my bucket?"There's a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza,There's a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, a holeWell, that is how I am feeling about my bucket list tonight. There is a huge gaping hole.  Particularly, the part about working to get everything listed on this website.I have been taking pictures of rosaries for hours and hours. Writing descriptions of my work for more hours and hours. I'm getting quite a few things listed, but guess what? I have discovered the more pictures I take and descriptions I write--the more there i... » Read More

Bucket List . . .

I have a bucket list. It isn't anything formal. It isn't written down. It is a list and it is in my mind  Here are some of the things rolling around in my mind bucket. Experience the success of writing a blog and sharing it on a regular basis. Do not allow the desire for the perfect words in the perfect story to get in the way of sharing. Just do it, write it, share it, spare it from being lost in the many drafts that never get published. Given my lack of mobility and dependance on my husband, travel to local family member's homes more regularly. It is hard to visit with Vince having to load my scooter in the van. However, we need try ... » Read More

An homage design moves toward the finish line . . . take a look . . .

This is a follow up to a previous blog posting, "A Day to Remember and Honor -- Wayne Wiley"Previously, I spoke about my late husband, Wayne Wiley. In that post I commented that I desired to create a rosary in his honor. I thought I'd share my design progress with you.Sometimes, a design just pops into my mind. In a flash the exact rosary in my mind becomes a physical reality. Sometimes there is a foggy image and it takes awhile for the design to become clear. This design is the later, it is coming together slowly and with a great deal of contemplation. The last time Wayne ran the Great American Race, the antique car was a bright yellow. Immediate... » Read More

Artist Statement

Artist Statement My work explores the relationship between spirituality and tactile experience. With influences from traditional religious symbols to symbols meaningful to a single individual, Religious Jewelry and Rosaries are crafted using a variety of techniques to encourage a spiritual relationship with God.Ever since I was child I have been fascinated by the human need to touch, see, and experience the connection with God. What starts out as a meditative experience can become a powerful and passionate part of one's belief system. Like the example of the 'doubting Thomas,' a tactile experience can lead to a new reality.My pieces are utilita... » Read More
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