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New Listings at Last!

As most of you are experiencing, this has been a horrible Winter. For me there have been new medical issues so I have been very remiss in listing items.But finally I have started to finally quit whining and gone back to work.Just so I would save steps and not have to climb as many stairs I broke down and moved out my just recently finished dining room and brand new finished dining room table and brought my tools and desk to replace them.What was once this- Is now this-... » Read More

Just a Quick Note to Catch You Up

As many of you have noticed from the shop the business is changing. I will sending out a flyer to all my customers shortly to let you know why-mostly old age and general decrepitness.In the mean time I am having a 1/2 price sale of my scented and essential oil bars. If you want a great deal now is the time to buy soap!Specialty bars will not be on sale! These I will continue making in the very near future.While you are in the shop check out some of the copper jewelry. I will gradually be adding more. I sort of have my hand full right now but that is another story.See you soon!... » Read More

I Should Be Shot!

About a month ago I was perusing through some of Artfire’s  collections and found a very nice, artistic piece of jewelry. I liked it so much I did something I don’t normally do in the winter. I went to the shop of the creator.  Why don’t I do this in the winter? I usually don’t have much, if any, disposable income in the winter. I live on Social Security Disability, but in the summer months I sell my handcrafted soaps at the local farmer’s markets. I fell in love! I had to have something I could not afford. I emailed her and asked if she would be interested in trading. When she answered I was ... » Read More

What I Have Been Doing Lately

  This has been a very difficult summer for me with the business. My primary Farmer's Market has made some major changes which have resulted in loss of revenues. I ended up withdrawing from my second Farmer's Market for a variety of reasons. The only really good news is that I picked up a new Farmer's Market in a fantastic small town that has worked out great. In a few days I plan on telling you more about this town because it is super place to spend a weekend.   My last 3 craft shows of the year have been about as bad as they could possibly be. Two were completely rained out and the 3rd, well I think there were more vendors... » Read More