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New Microphone Charm Jewelry and Accessories At The Singing Beader

I have been creating several new microphone jewelry items and accessories for sale at my shop. The latest is a belly ring for the pierced navel. It has ruby red crystals with a microphone and sing heart charm. It is perfect to wear while performing on stage whether you are a professional singer or karaoke enthusiast.  Clicking on the photos will take you to the listing.  I also made an "I Sing Karaoke" necklace with metal alphabet beads. The engraved letter block beads spell out the words. There is a microphone and heart charm with the word sing, that dangles down between the words I and Karaoke.  The large hole block beads, plu... » Read More

January White Jewelry Sale Discount Prices

January White Sales are now in full swing. Typically, when you think of January White Sales, you  may think of discount prices on towels, bed sheets, furniture, or other household items. These can be purchased at your favorite store or conveniently purchased at on-line store websites. The Singing Beader jewelry shop at is offering 25% off all jewelry that is primarily white in color. The Singing Beader makes all her jewelry by hand. Most are one of a kind pieces, with only one for sale and can not be found in stores. White jewelry is typically worn in the spring and summer, however, there are no rules in the fashion ... » Read More

Unusual Unique Music Themed Jewelry At The Singing Beader

The music themed jewelry section at The Singing Beader keeps growing with unusual and unique music themed items. They are all hand assembled by The Singing Beader. Some are beaded necklaces and bracelets, and others are charms and pendants. You can find sterling silver musical instrument charm necklaces and earrings that match. For instance, you can buy a sterling silver harmonica necklace with matching harmonica earrings or a sterling silver eighth note dome necklace and matching earrings. These pieces are sold separately. I recently made some antiqued brass headphone charm earrings and a matching necklace. The dimensional headphone charms a... » Read More

Back To School Marching Band Music Student Jewelry

The Singing Beader's shop sells many hand-constructed music themed jewelry items. Some of the most popular sold are the flute, clarinet, and drum necklaces and earrings. Other instruments for sale include, oboe, harp, tuba, saxophone, cello and trombone. All sterling silver musical instruments charms with chain come with a gift box. All components including the chain are .925 sterling silver. These are a great gift for the music student for birthday or Christmas. The Singing Beader also constructs metal musical instrument necklaces and earrings, suitable for the younger music student. They can be worn by both girls and boy... » Read More

High School Band Music Themed Jewelry For Graduation Party Gifts

It is already April, and in a couple more months there will be high school graduation parties. Typically, high school seniors graduate in early June and the parties follow from June to August. Depending on the school system, some have marching bands, concert bands or both. Some marching bands are very large like the Allen Escadrille in Allen, TX or very small like Utah's Spanish Fork High School, though, I have read it has grown larger over the last couple years.Many graduating students participated in marching or concert band and played an instrument throughout their high school years.  Some even started playing as young as elementary school an... » Read More

Singing The 50's and 60's Girl Group Songs On Karaoke

When I was about 11 years old back in the mid 1960's, I got my first transistor radio and listened to it constantly. I even put it under my pillow at night, turned the volume up high, and fell asleep listening to my favorite Girl Group songs. The tunes and lyrics stayed in my head for years and years to come. When I started singing karaoke in the late 90's, I sang a lot of songs from the girl groups from the 1950's and 1960's. These groups included The Ronettes, The Chiffons, The Crystals, The Shirelles and The Shangri-Las. I  loved singing, "One Fine Day" by The Chiffons and "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow", The Shirelles. I also lik... » Read More

Microphone Jewelry and Prizes for the Karaoke Singer

I have been a karaoke enthusiast for many years and when I started selling handmade jewelry on, I added a music themed jewelry section to "The Singing Beader" shop.  This section includes microphone jewelry especially made for the karaoke singer.Recently, I added some microphone accessories. I now sell microphone wine charms and phone charms. The wine charms fit around the stem of a wine glass. These are popular at parties, especially karaoke parties. The clip-on phone charms can also be used as zipper pulls, or have fun clipping them on any necklace cord or bracelet of your choosing. Set of Two Microphone Wine CharmsMicrophone Cl... » Read More

Cross Necklaces For First Communion Gifts

Since I started selling handmade and hand-constructed jewelry, the cross necklace or pendant remains to be one of my top selling items. I think it's the simplicity of the cross necklace that makes it so appealing and to some, the religious meaning is very important.Cross necklaces are a great gift for the first communion and other religious holidays like Easter or Christmas. I have always liked cross necklaces and even made a rosary for sale at The Singing Beader's shop. I sell a lot of cross necklaces around the holidays. Crosses comes in all sizes from very small, 10mm to very large 6cm. Some have a a crucifix, with Jesus' body and others a... » Read More

Christmas Gifts For Band, Orchestra Or Choir Students

Music themed jewelry is the perfect gift for the band, orchestra or choir student. Music themed jewelry is also my best seller in my shop, "The Singing Beader".  Popular items include sterling silver musical instrument charm necklaces and microphone jewelry. The sterling silver musical instrument charm necklaces are available in just about any instrument you can think of, including the hard to find oboe and tuba. I even have bagpipes! I also sell microphone charm necklaces and earrings for the karaoke or professional singer. Recently, I added a sterling silver grand piano, cello and trumpet necklace. Along with my microphone ear... » Read More

Should The KJ Sing At Their Own Karaoke Show?

I'm not a KJ (karaoke jockey), but I am a karaoke enthusiast who has been singing for about 17 years. Along with singing at karaoke shows over the years, I also enjoy reading online karaoke discussion forums. Karaoke discussion forums include a variety of topics, for example, running a fair rotation, dance music played between singers, or what the most popular songs heard at their karaoke shows. Recently, I was reading opinions from both KJ hosts and singers on how they feel about the KJ singing at their own show.The discussion included how often they should sing, or if they should sing in every rotation. Some KJs feel that they're entitled t... » Read More

Back to school band jewelry for students and moms

Where did the summer school break go? The startup of going back to school already starts next week for most students in the USA. That means it's time for football games and marching band. It's also time for band jewelry! In my ArtFire studio, "The Singing Beader", I sell music themed jewelry, including sterling silver musical instrument charm necklaces.  These necklaces are a hot item for band or orchestra students. Even "band moms" like wearing them.  All my instrument charm jewelry is   hand-constructed with a .925 sterling silver instrument charm, chain and findings. I have a large assortment of flutes, clarinets, bass drums, cellos, fren... » Read More

4th of July Handmade Jewelry Sale 30% off

I am having a 4th of July, 30% off sale on all of my one of a kind handmade jewelry. The sale starts Monday, July 1st and ends Saturday, July 6th.For 30% off,  apply coupon code SPARKLER30 during the checkout process.I accept Paypal payments.  Did you know you do not need a Paypal account to process your order? Follow the easy instructions on Paypal to use your credit card.  My handmade jewelry consists of necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings, created with genuine, semi-precious gemstones, Czech and Swarovski crystals and pearls, and  findings in both sterling silver and 14k gold filled. All gemstone and crystal pieces are one of... » Read More

Rare music charm necklaces for band and orchestra students

I have recently been constructing some new musical instrument charm necklaces for sale at my shop.  I added some rare, hard to find charms.  Most of the time when buyers are shopping for music themed jewelry, flutes, clarinets and guitars are fairly easy to find.  Other instruments like oboes, banjos, tubas or cellos are sometimes hard to find.You can find a variety of music themed jewelry in my shop including these harder to find musical instrument charm.  The charm necklaces are hand constructed by me with all sterling silver findings including the chains.  They come attractively packaged for gift giving.  What a great graduati... » Read More

Graduation Gifts for Band Students

It is that time of year again.  May is the month most seniors graduate from high school and graduation parties are abundant throughout the summer months.  Many graduating students participated in marching or concert band and played an instrument throughout their high school years.  Some even started playing as young as elementary school and continue to play in college bands. The perfect graduation gift for these students is a sterling silver musical instrument charm necklace.In my ArtFire studio, "The Singing Beader", I sell music themed jewelry, including  sterling silver musical instrument charm necklaces.  The necklaces are hand-constructe... » Read More

Gifts for Mother's Day from handmade to vintage

A plentiful selection of  handmade and vintage items can be seen at my Pinterest Board entitled, "Mother's Day Gift Ideas Countdown - Week 3." There are over 70 items for sale.  This 12 week promotion is open to any one who sells items on ArtFire, Etsy, or Zibbet.  Click on the photos of the individual items twice to take you to the seller's website. This week, I am featuring items for the "Biker" mom, the "Rocker" mom and the "Gambler" mom.  The "biker" mom gift is a choker and necklace set of large link gunmetal chains. The "rocker" mom gift is an enamel guitar pendant with a sterling silver chain. Mom has a color choice. The "Gambler" Mom,... » Read More

Musical Instrument Charm Jewelry - the fronts and backs of it

Well, old man winter has really arrived in Cleveland, Ohio, and after a day of 65 degrees just last week, this week he came back with a quite a vengeance. Snow, snow and more snow! I often look out the window at the weather when I'm taking photos of my handmade jewelry.  All the seasons come and go so quickly and I take the beauty of the colorful seasons for granted;  from white and gray to green and blue, then to those wonderful autumn colors, all the beauty provided by mother nature. Lately,  I've taken notice in the beauty and intricate details of musical instruments. As I continue to add more music themed jewelry to my ArtFire studio, I'm... » Read More
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