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In all the years I've had this store open, I've never really gotten the hang of blogging here. Actually I never fully got the hang of blogging anywhere. It just wasn't something that crossed my mind much. Now, however, things have changed a bit, and so I think I'll start here too. I'm not a person of many words (unless you get me fired up about certain causes or injustices), so my blogs will likely be pretty short and sweet. I hope you enjoy them and/or find them informative. So, right to it then. I've got several new items ready to list (photo's taken and edited), I just gotta list them. All of them are simple pendants (chain with clasp includ... » Read More

Other Stores and Products

I don't just make jewelry, I also do photography and paint! Here are the places you can find my work, and the products these places offer. :) ArtFire Jewelry Earrings Necklaces Bracelets Jewelry Sets Phone Charms and Zipper Pulls   Society6 Wall Art Art Prints Framed Art Prints Stretched Canvases Tapestries   DeviantArt Wall Art Fine Art Prints Photo Prints Wrapped Canvases   Art Gifts Tank Tops Biker Tanks T-Shirts V-Neck T-Shirts Long Sleeve T-Shirts Hoodies Tote Bags iPhone & iPod Cases iPhone & iPod Skins iPad Cases   Â... » Read More