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Beading 101: Stones

The healing power of gemstones has been recorded throughout the ages and in various cultures.   Agates come in a variety of colors and is known for its properties of protection against negative energy, stress and bad dreams.  Agates promote strength.    Amazonite balances energy, promotes kindness and practicality.   Amethyst has traditionally been worn to guard against drunkenness and promote a “sober” mind. Also considered a “dream stone” promoting pleasant dreams.    Bloodstone is thought to stop bleeding and is used to protect against the Evil Eye.  Used by the Greeks as a symbol of chang... » Read More

Beading 101: Pearls

Do you use pearls in your jewelry designs?  Need a better understanding of pearls and how they grow… How Pearls are Formed A pearl is a natural gem created by a living organism. When a foreign object is introduced into a mussel or oyster the animal coats the irritant with a substance called Layers of nacre build up to make a pearl.   Cultured Pearls Most wild, natural pearl producing oyster beds have vanished due to over-fishing, oil drilling and pollution. Today, the world's most beautiful pearls are cultured. Cultured pearls share the same properties as wild pearls. The difference is that a technician opens ... » Read More

Beading 101: Bead Type Definitions

For my first post of the New Year I've decided on Bead Type Definitions - my hope is to make this an "educational - informative" Blog and not all about me :O) I hope you find this helpful.... l   Vintage German Glass: glass produced in Germany (East & West) prior to the WWII. Beads produced during this period, or new beads produced from the vintage glass canes, are highly sought after and prized, as they are scarce. Beads were made by placing molten glass in to molds and are referred to as “pressed glass”.  Many of the German glassmakers fled to Czechoslovakia at the start of the war only to return years later to find that t... » Read More