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Collection Round Up

For the past few weeks we've been very busy and have not been able to share these wonderful collections that we are honored to be a part of. So, to make it quick and easy to see them all we are compiling them here. They run from oldest on top to newest on the bottom.#widgetcont p{ padding:0; margin:0; } .title_brown, .title_brown a, .title_brown a:link, .title_brown a:active, .title_brown a:visited, .title_brown a:hover { color:#dfa754; font-weight:bold; }.title_charc, .title_charc a, .title_charc a:link, .title_charc a:active, .title_charc a:visited, .title_charc a:hover { color:#333333; font-weight:bold; }String Theory   Curated By: ... » Read More

New Destash Section

That's right. We've got another new section in our store. It's titled "destash." What does that mean? It means we've found some new, unused craft supplies in our stash of stuff that we don't think we'll be using, but if you want it, feel free to grab it while you can!What have we got?So far we've found some fabric, some yarn, and some  Stampin' Up! idea books. As we continue to sort through all of our craft supplies we'll be adding more items to this section. Feel free to stop back often. Just remember, once these items are gone, they're gone.... » Read More

New Sections In our ArtFire Store

We’re happy to announce the opening of two new sections in our ArtFire store!    The first one is Hats. As you would expect, you will find head wear in this section. Currently we only have our winter hats listed, but hope to soon add our Baseball caps, military style hats, Bucket hats, and Sun visors. All, of course, will have our signature embroidery on them.   The second section is Clearance. You will find a mixture of items here. From hats to bags, to patches, this section is all at least 30% off their original price. Once the items in this section are sold, they’re gone for good. We will not be replac... » Read More