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The Holiday Season

Well, Summer in the USA is over and Fall or Autumn is upon us.  Before anyone knows it the Holidays will be here.  Please take time to find a moment to check out all the wonderful Handmade items in this shop and on the internet.  A gift that is handmade means a lot more to someone than a ready made or mass produced item.  Handmade is generally better made and will last a lot longer.  It also means that someone took time and effort to make something that will be worn and loved or used often or cherished.I love to make items and have done so in several mediums--an item must pass the test of me before it can be listed for sale and I ha... » Read More

Socks and more......

I have found that making socks is very rewarding for myself and others who have had the pleasure of owning a pair.  I started making socks about a year ago and have finally decided to sell them.  I made the first pair for myself and then as I worked on subsequent pairs, members of my family and my friends wanted a pair or 2--   I almost have to hide them when working on them to be able to sell them.Socks that are handmade make an awesome gift for someone you love--they are soft, warm, cozy, lightweight and generally colorful (but not always) and make your feet feel more energized during the day!Some are acrylic ( a highly durable fiber), ... » Read More