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It gives us great pleasure to announce that our Titanium Ring with Bethlehem Olivewood Sleeve and Pinstripe is trending on Artfire. This style of wedding band is ideal for any nature lover, they are sure to love the durability and comfort of the inner wood sleeve. The wood pinstripe really stands out next to the sleekness of the outer titanium band. This wedding band will timelessly express your commitment to love.... » Read More

Man-Gagement Rings Showing a New Level of Commitment

The day has come that most girls dream of when the man drops to one knee and pops the question while opening the gift box with the ceremonial engagement ring. So what about him? Where is his men's engagement ring to tell the world "I'm taken"?. The sometimes long period of time between engagement and the big day is prep time for sure. But should he not also have a ring on his finger? Have no fear ladies the new trend is the man-gagement ring. Now he can show his undying commitment to you before you exchange vows. Pushing the "nontraditional" for weddings is our culture these days, so why not make it a unique adventure. Look at the new designs of m... » Read More

How to measure and get the ring size

Here is a practical guide, with pictures, explaining how to measure and read the Ring Size of a Flat fit or Comfort Fit ring. Click here: » Read More

How to care for your meteorite jewelry

Quality jewelry can last a lifetime if proper care is taken.  These step by step instructions can help you prevent rusting on your meteorite jewelry.Acid triggers rusting on meteorites.Care should be taken to keep meteorites away from chemicals such as chlorine, bleach, swimming pool chemicals, etc., especially anything with acid in it. If you never want to take your ring off, you could get a Ring Armor Rustproofing solution that will coat and protect the meteorite from rust for many months. You can buy this online from Jewelry By JohanStore correctly to prevent damage.Minimize scratches and prevent damage by storing your jewelry in individual ... » Read More