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Random Acts of Kindness or being diligent and getting what needs to be done........

DONE!this Past weekend we had an affair at my shop known as a Yarn Tasting.Everyone who attends must bring two non-perishable food items or $5.00.In return they get a goodie bag of samples of our newest yarns! and a couple of surprises.this year we featured Kramer Yarns all made in America yarns using home grown fibers natural, animal and man-made. We had a wonderful time snacking, drinking (coffee, soda etc) and sitting and knit or crocheting!in the end we made $130 cash for the soup kitchen and about three boxes of non-perishable foods was brought in!Tony from the soup kitchen and his son came in to pick it all up on Monday. The foods were to go... » Read More

Blizzard Conditions

There are many things we take for granted on a daily basis.........heat, weather, clothes, showers, hot water, food, the ability to get in the car and just go!This past weekend has taught me alot....I have been through power outages during hurricanes.........Irene did us in for about 10 hours during the day. not sot bad....for us.but for others it was devastating! People lost not only their power for days and weeks, but their homes, and in some case lives.I have been though Blizzards, I live in New England, the blizzard of 78' was the BIG ONE because we were caught off guard!   and there were other notable winters and large snow storms......... » Read More