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Getting Paid to Shop. What's not to love?

I just got my "big fat savings" and wanted to share this link with other shoppers who purchase on line.  When shopping on line you just start at and check and see if the seller is a participant.  So many are.  The great part is that you get paid for shopping at your favorite retailers.  You will also see any special on-line coupons they are offering as well as your cash back.  I just have them send my cash to my PayPal account but you have it sent to your address as well.  They say it only takes about 15 seconds to sign up and you only provide an email address.  Participating vendors include Fire Mountain Gems, Mich... » Read More

Cash back for shopping at your Favorite On-line Stores

It's nice to save money on jewelry making supplies and here's a way to add to those savings.I've heard about and that they pay you to shop at your normal on-line stores including purchases made in many categories on Amazon and EBay but I was hesitant to sign up.  After a friend told me she participated and loved it, I researched it.  You can sign up at the link below and you'll get a bonus reward on your first purchase made through ebates.  I selected a Target Gift Card.  You only need an email address to register and they will either send you a check or deposit your cash back in your PayPal account (if you don't want to giv... » Read More

Sea Horse Earrings Make a Big Splash

I love sea horses and mermaids.  Several months ago I purchase this great pair of facing sterling silver sea horses.  While enjoying the beauty of a Bahamian turquoise blue waters I thought "I have some beautiful Swarovski Crystals that match look like this."  After pulling my Craft Mates storage system out and locating the crystals I paired them with these lovely seahorses.  From the pictures you can see the beautiful waters of the Bahamas.... » Read More

Jewelry Suppliers Ahead of the Trend

Finding quality supplies that are current and ahead of the trend is very import to me as a designer.  I love to create my own findings, links, etc. but unfortunately time constraints lead me to search out the great vendors who can provide some of these items for me as well as the basics such as headpins, crimp beads, wire, Swarovski crystals, etc.  It is a great feeling when I come across one that exceeds my expectations providing quality products, excellent customer service and great prices.  I've recently been introduced to Primitive Earth Beads who provides great wholesale pricing to the consumer with no minimum order... » Read More

Bahamas Inspired Belly Rings

I've been enjoying some time in the islands and the inspiration is incredible.  The amazing blue colors of the water and the sea life had me pulling out my Hill Tribe Silver, Blue Topaz Briolettes, Swarovski crystals and designing some new belly rings.  The water is often a beautiful turquoise and so clear that I can see the ripples in the white sand at over 30 feet.  It feels like soft silk as it passes over my body.  Here are a few of the belly rings that have the island inspiration. These beauties can be found in my Artfire Shop or at you a wonderf... » Read More

Your Inner Designer Unleashed

Recently I've been receiving a large number of custom orders that have earned some  wonderful feedback and even more pleasing I'm currently working on additional orders from three of those clients.  Their comments have made me want to share with others how to release your inner designer to get a piece of jewelry that is as unique as you are.Honestly, there's an incredibly talented designer in all of us that allows us to create in our homes, yards, clothing, hobbies, baking, etc.  Even for those who feel they are artistically challenged they can find their creativity unleashed with some simple guidance.  There are so many area... » Read More