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Keeping Up With The Times

It seems like every month, technology changes, Google algorithms change, styles change, everything changes! It is not an easy task to try and keep up with all the changes. We have been doing our best over the past few years to change with technology and begin transitioning from a customer facing business to an online eCommerce business. At no time will we ever fully detach ourselves from being face to face with our customers, however, we need to realize that more and more of our customers are buying online now. It used to be that the only way to reach our customers was to pack up the cube truck and trailer and head out to a craft show. With the ad... » Read More


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost here! The great deals and the best gift ideas and running rampant. We feel its only fitting to join in the Black Friday Deal craze and have our top gift ideas on sale. Top Gift Ideas:My First Deer Hunting Picture Frames 5x7Up North Deer Hunting Picture Frame 11x14Hunting Whitetail Deer Picture Frame 11x14School Years with Name Collage Picture Frame Mat 11x14K-12 School Years Preschool to Graduation Picture Frame and Mat 11x14Baby Months With Name Collage Picture Frame Mat 11x14Mimi and Me Picture Frame 5x7Aunt and Uncle Picture Frame 5x7Best Pals Picture Frame 5x7Cousins Picture Frame 5x7So what... » Read More

New Logo!!

 After a long process and many revisions I have finally received my logo. I've been in the process of have a professional logo created for about 8 months now. It took a while to find the right person to trust with the creative process, but I finally found that person. Kudos to a past co-worker who has now started a business in professional graphic design. Val at Fox River Designs took on my challenge and succeeded with flying colors! If you ever need graphics designs done for anything I highly recommend contacting them for help. My next step will be making some changes to the website once again to now match the logo. I ha... » Read More

Update on Stan's Gifts

We'll the last week has been extremely hectic and I've been trying to squeeze in some time to continue working on Stan's Gifts. So far a few minor changes have been made with the help of friend who is experienced in writing HTML and all those fancy behind the scenes codes. We got rid of a few cosmetic flaws where "coding" that was showing up on a few pages and changed the categories look just a little. With his help in the next few weeks I plan to have the website looking and functioning better and better. As soon as this is complete I will add even more picture frames. Once that is complete I will begin my search for small busines... » Read More