My Studio (Home at Home)

My Studio (Home at Home)

Published On: 11-12-2011 02:00am

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I love the ads when the college student leaves home and mom and dad convert the room into a better living space.  I can't say that it is a better living space, but it is definitely a much more creative thinking space.  Thanks to our son, my husband I share the space for my jewelry/craft business and his coin collecting.  Now to organize the creative clutter and chaos.

By sitting in my chair I can reach anything I may need with out reaching very far.  Currently my main obsession is jewelry.  I do enjoy dabbling with glass painting, watercolor, floral design, and miscellaneous paper crafts.  On the left of the desk is a wall of shelves and plastic storage cabinets filled to the brim with a sundry of supplies and tools.  Unfortunately as a shared space, some of my precious possessions are in the laundry room or garage down stairs.  So when the mood swings I do get more exercise.  And do I need that too. 

When working in my space I am so committed to my thoughts that I loose all sense of time.  Eventually I will hear footsteps on the stair case and then I know I will hear the hubby say "do you know what time it is?"  Usually it means that it is time to cook.  So I dutifully say "one more minute" and 30 minutes later I make my way down to the kitchen. 

Someone once said that a home is a man's castle.  Well, a studio is an artist's sanctuary!!! 
I LOVE my sanctuary.

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