Birth of the Paper Doodles

Birth of the Paper Doodles

Published On: 11-12-2011 02:28am

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Paper Doodle...Bookmarks with Attitude
As a habitual doodler, I sometimes get into trouble by being totally engrossed in my doodle rather than what is happening around me.  I have been known to doodle and loose all train of thought and unable to hear what is being said.  This was particularly worrisome while in class where the brain had to be engaged with the material being spewed from the instructor.  Oh, well, the little squiggle of a drawing was much more interesting than memorizing the dates and events of the ancient whatever I was supposed to be learning. 

As each line was drawn it suggested another then another, etc.  The shapes that were formed were coming alive and growing right there in front of me.  These little masterpieces were the here and now of that particular period of time.  Doodling, squiggling, or drawing absent mindlessly simply takes over and off to the land of imagination.

On one fall evening I was intending to use copper wire and practice making chain links.  Instead, this act of aimlessly maneuvering copper wire instead of a pen consumed me.  As I twisted, bent, curled, etc., the wire forced powerful movement of line and formed shape consumed all my thoughts.  When it ended I had created this little flat sculpture.  What was this in my hand?  What use does it have?  What on earth am I going to do with it?  All these questions came to mind.  As I studied it, could it be a paper clip?  The answer was Yes!  But, there was no way that I could mass produce the OOAK piece.  Then, noticing a book, on the table, beside me, why not a bookmark.  Okay, a bookmark made since.  One of a kind bookmark was a great idea.  This could be marketable. 

Since my brain cells had been used up in creating this little whatever it was, I could not think of the perfect marketable name.  So, the next day I took it to work with me and enticed my co-workers to help name this little thingy.  I explained to them how I created it and how I planned to use it.  Many names arose from this wealth of mind power.  Then one of the ladies blurted out "Paper Doodles"!

Over the following couple of days I mulled over "Paper Doodles", "Paper Doodles", "Paper Doodles".  The more I said it the more I liked it.  But something was missing.  The more I stared at the prototype and the subsequent ones to follow; I struggled with the question of what was missing.  Then out of the blue "Bookmarks with Attitude" rolled out of my mouth.  385 382

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