How can I keep silver from tarnishing?

Published On: 11-21-2011 02:35am

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Silver, like other precious metals, has a tendency to tarnish.  Some people are pleased when their jewelry tarnishes, as it gives a nice vintage-like appearance.  For those who prefer to have their silver bright and shiny, there is an alternative to polishing it all the time.

Tarnish is caused by sulfides and other pollutants in the atmosphere.  It can also be caused by high humidity and even some foods, such as eggs, citrus, and onions, if they come into contact with your jewelry.

An easy way to prevent tarnish is by using anti-tarnish strips.  Anti-tarnish strips areimage pieces of a special absorbent paper, almost like tissue paper, but a little thicker and more rigid.  They work by absorbing sulpher-containing compounds from the air.  The strips are non-toxic and will not harm your gemstones.  In addition to silver, they protect gold, bronze, brass, tin, copper, and nickel.

You can simply place one or more anti-tarnish strips in your jewelry box.  One 7 by 2 inch strip will protect about one cubic foot of space.  If you don't have a jewelry box, or if you are traveling, place your jewelry with a small square of an anti-tarnish strip into a zip-up plastic baggie.  Either way, the strips will prevent tarnish for about six months, at which time they will need to be replaced.  In a pinch, you can also use an ordinary piece of white chalkboard chalk.  It will accomplish the same purpose.

Anti-tarnish strips can be purchased inexpensively at most jewelry-supply and craft stores.  If you don't have a store close to your home, one of the stores where you can buy them online is Artbeads.  They have free shipping in the U.S.A when you place a ten-dollar minimum order.

Unfortunately, the strips will not remove existing tarnish, but once you have removed any tarnish from your jewelry, they will help to keep it from tarnishing again.

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