New Beginning

Published On: 11-04-2014 04:11pm

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As we are in the throws of painting our kitchen, new hinges and knobs, I'm thinking how is this all going to get done in time for Christmas. Next is our workroom with computers, printers, copier, phones not to mention 2 sewing machines with cabinets and desks. It is clear as I'm feeling squashed with producing a class schedule for Jan - April 2015 to put out, teaching through the end of November, cooking those wonderful goodies for Open House, YIKES DEC 7th I think what to do first. Nothing is where it is suppose to be but IF I can find my hand quilting project for tomorrows class, all will be alright!!! Or maybe I will just finish embroidering the Vintage Ice Skate from Saturdays class!
   I think as a quilter just a few stitches in something, just anything, will calm the nerves and bring balance to this hectic period. 

Stitch a little something today and think of me,

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