Off To A Good Start

Published On: 01-30-2015 02:39pm

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              It is a new year and we are full steam ahead.  Just presented our newest mini pin cushion. Just 2” x 2” wood base with a wool small pin cushion that will fit in your sewing basket or tote. Great to use for just embroidery needles or quilting needles.  Comes in random assorted colors and are just “cute” and a must have gift to give or keep at $5.00. Going like hot cakes.

              New class schedule coming out next week for Feb—April 2015. Also you can find all the classes on our websites, & listed under each of the shops,  Blue Ribbon Quilt Shoppe in Wylie, Threads That Bind in Plano, and Minding My P’s & Q’s  in Denton.

              It was almost like spring weather yesterday at 80 Deg. I rolled down the windows in my car and  messed up my new hairdo, it felt so good.  Took a walk around the yard to see what was going to need to be done after the plumbers put back all the dirt under our house.  Major work and kind of excited about designing the put backs of grass and flowers.  Loren has such a green thumb, I’ve decided he will have to put that to work in all the plantings we do this year.

No, it is not spring but we do feel renewed.


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