New years are times for reflection

Published On: 01-08-2016 10:19pm

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Happy New Year!

After much contemplation, I have decided to start a new chapter in my fibery business journey.

Over the past 9 months I have been taking dye classes from Natalie Redding @ Namaste Farms and spinning classes from Arlene Thayer & Suzy Brown of What an amazing experience this has been. All of these ladies are so creative and enthusiastic about what they are teaching. As a teacher I know how important it is to be into what you are talking about with your students.!!!

When I closed my shop in 2014, I was not sure where to go. I had this nice new studio where I could house all my supplies and lots of room for classes. What was I going to do? The dye and spinning classes helped me get back to my what started this whole business in the first place. So I dug out my dye pots and spinning wheels and have not looked back since!

I am on the third series of dye classes and it is amazing how much I have learned. Who knew you could do that to wool...LOL The colors I am getting are beyond anything I could have ever imagined!! Of course handling the fibers just made my fingers itch to get the spinning wheel back out.

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When I started spinning, the person who taught me thought I needed to make "perfect" yarn. I soon realized that was just not for me! When I stumbled on Fiberygoodess, I knew I was home. Spinning art yarns was what I was looking for. The community of fiber artists in that organization are unbelievable. So talented!! Again, I am learning so much and feel like I am achieving so much.

So here I am...more skills, back to my roots, new studio...what now??? After many months of thought I have decided that selling online and doing classes are what I want to do. A new chapter deserves a new name. So today I have been reborn! "ALH Designs" is now official.

Being a designer is what I have always wanted to be. With my new skills, I feel that is exactly what I have become. The new name is me! I am so excited to get my artfire store set up: and begin offering classes at the studio on a regular basis. It feels so good to have direction back in my life! I am going to enjoy the ride and hope you come along with me.

Happy Creating! Anita

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