Socks and more......

Socks and more......

Published On: 11-21-2011 12:12pm

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I have found that making socks is very rewarding for myself and others who have had the pleasure of owning a pair.  I started making socks about a year ago and have finally decided to sell them.  I made the first pair for myself and then as I worked on subsequent pairs, members of my family and my friends wanted a pair or 2--   I almost have to hide them when working on them to be able to sell them.
Socks that are handmade make an awesome gift for someone you love--they are soft, warm, cozy, lightweight and generally colorful (but not always) and make your feet feel more energized during the day!
Some are acrylic ( a highly durable fiber), some are a wool/nylon blend, then there are the ones with aloe (very soothing) in them and the ones with bamboo in the yarn (antibacterial) for those with problem feet or just to go Green!  Here are some examples of my work.....


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