The Holiday Season

The Holiday Season

Published On: 09-23-2012 11:57pm

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Well, Summer in the USA is over and Fall or Autumn is upon us.  Before anyone knows it the Holidays will be here.  Please take time to find a moment to check out all the wonderful Handmade items in this shop and on the internet.  A gift that is handmade means a lot more to someone than a ready made or mass produced item.  
Handmade is generally better made and will last a lot longer.  It also means that someone took time and effort to make something that will be worn and loved or used often or cherished.
I love to make items and have done so in several mediums--an item must pass the test of me before it can be listed for sale and I have to have  100 percent perfection before listing--sometimes an item goes through 5 revisions before getting to the public.  Yes, my family all have almost items and some even go in the garbage.
I really hope you enjoy all the lovely items for sale and gift some to special people in your lives.
Be Safe and Healthy and most of all be Happy :)

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