Monthly Fused Glass Newsletter!

Published On: 07-21-2013 01:48am

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I'm so excited my husband and I worked all day last weekend building a newsletter for my sites. The topics will include: Fresh from the Kiln, Monthly blog highlights, Upcoming Events and Did you know.

There are several reasons we chose to create a newsletter.
- I have something in the kiln every day and it's a good place to showcase them besides the blog.
- I have a lot of events coming up (including Doherty) and a newsletter a great way to let ya'll know what is coming down the pike.
- I like having sales, but it's kind of a pain to create emails and get them sent out etc. Plus some spammer got a hold of my email and I hate that.
- I enjoy learning and some of the things I learn I want to share with ya'll, plus some of the information is really good to know. Like did you know pearls need to breath. Well, I didn't know that.
- I have 4 different sites Fused Elegance, Elegant Fused glass by Karen, Etsy and Artfire (not including my YouTube Channel and Pinterest) so this is one place that brings them all together.

But one of the main reasons I created the newsletter is I took a webinar about how to get more exposure to my websites and one of the principles they stressed was not to send out emails from personal site. The instructor, stressed it is not good for the receivers or sender. To create a mailing list to send emails through our Wordpress site is to create a newsletter. The other item I learned was typical newsletters are best distributed on a monthly basis, which is enough for me so I hope it's ok with ya'll.

One key point is if you have purchased Fused glass from me in the past or have signed up for any of my sites I'll included you on the newsletter subscription. If you want to subscribe just complete the email form you receive. If you don't want to see what I'm up to with my fused glass just don't complete the form or let me know.

I hope you like the newsletter. I'll get it sent out next week. I'm waiting on a flyer for an event I have coming up. (I'll send a blog about it as soon as I get the flyer. If you come to the event and mention my blog, my sites, the newsletter, basically if you say Karen we know you - you'll get 10% off. Plus I'm doing another drawing you know you love those!

I really look forward to your comments about how to make the newsletter more helpful to you.


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