Necklaces: facts you didn't know before

Necklaces: facts you didn't know before

Published On: 05-06-2016 08:12am

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Necklace is a jewelry piece that has a long long history... 

First necklaces were made thousands of years ago. In Africa there was found a necklace, 75 000 old. In that time necklaces were created of stones, teeth, bones and shells. After 2500 BC people began to use precious metals for decorations making, as well as colored stones, copper and various metals.

Some nations left a great treasure that tells much about the culture. Thus Greeks during the reign of Alexander in the Greek empire created necklaces and other jewelry that still stays precious and unique. The ancient Romans had rules for wearing jewelry. Severel classes only were allowed to wear jewelry.
Since ancient times jewelry is worn not to adorn only. It points to the level of wealth and status. 

In the 13th century the development of jewelry wasn't intense, but from the 14th century the new era of jewelry has began and still lasts. 

Necklaces are popular both with men and women. It's one of the most popular jewelry types in the world. Nowadays you can find necklaces to any taste, designed of precious metals and stones, leather, various beads etc.

Personalized necklaces are especially wanted today, as jewelry has long become a means of self-expression. 


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