Cash back for shopping at your Favorite On-line Stores

Published On: 12-22-2014 05:27am

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Category: Supplies for your designs

It's nice to save money on jewelry making supplies and here's a way to add to those savings.

I've heard about and that they pay you to shop at your normal on-line stores including purchases made in many categories on Amazon and EBay but I was hesitant to sign up.  After a friend told me she participated and loved it, I researched it.  You can sign up at the link below and you'll get a bonus reward on your first purchase made through ebates.  I selected a Target Gift Card.  You only need an email address to register and they will either send you a check or deposit your cash back in your PayPal account (if you don't want to give an address). 

It's simple to use.  You just go to the Ebates website and type in your vendor to see if they are participating and there are thousands.  Click on their link and it automatically tracks your order and you'll begin earning cash back.  Check out the link for all the details.  It's working for me.

I've gotten cash back for hotel stays, car rentals, Michaels Stores,, EBay and Amazon purchases, Fire Mountain Gems, Sear's, VitaCost, Walmart, REI,

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