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Juan_C_Sanchez_8ac35f on Jun 28, 2020
1 stars

DO NOT buy from this seller. They sent us the the wrong shirt and the wrong size. Took 7 weeks to get it. Really?. We contacted CrazyJersey and they pushed back saying it was the correct one. Not true and we showed the evidence to prove it. We wanted a refund or be sent the correct size. Instead Mei Zhou wanted us to leave 5 stars feedback and then they will refund the money. I called them out as extortion. Then they stopped responding after we demanded a refund. We contacted Art Fire directly and they were able to resolve the issue. Buyer BEWARE that the shirt is counterfeit and the item described on the website is different from what you really get. The shipping label comes from China thus it took 7 weeks to get it. These people will try to extort the customer in return for a 5 star feedback. I belive Art Fire should dump this company to prevent bad reputation. DO NOT BUY FROM CrazyJersey.