Kaley_Garrison_b00b36 on Feb 4, 2019
5 stars

It came quickly and looks amazing! Awesome quality!! So happy with my purchase!
Wanda_Summy_1a4487 on Dec 27, 2018
2 stars

Need some information on this order
Uhruram on Jan 1, 2019
4 stars

Gators518 on Dec 20, 2018
1 stars

Took my money and never shipped my item. He is a thief!!!
jasonsellers4 on Jan 15, 2019
1 stars

I agree with the other 1-star reviews here. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. When I ordered, there was only one rating which I did not see, but I see there are more now. The jersey he sent was 2 sizes smaller than what I ordered. He took no accountability for posting his misleading info and attempted to parlay it into an additional sale. The words used by other posters to describe this seller (liar, thief, etc.) are pretty accurate. BEWARE!
Erica__Stephens_137372 on Dec 19, 2018
1 stars

I did not receive my order. It was delivered to another state not my shipping address
jennifer_mackenzie_ceaa48 on Nov 6, 2018
1 stars

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. They are based out of China and you only find that out AFTER you order. They also don’t tell you that it will take 20 days to receive your order until after they take your payment. I contacted him 4 days after placing my order to find out why it hadnt shipped yet and asked to cancel the order as it would not arrive in time for the birthday present it was supposed to be. I was told he conveniently shipped it that day, however 7 days later I was finally able to track the shipment just to find out the package had just been received by the seller. He was not cooperative at all and lied to me each time I contacted him. Please save your time and money and do not order from this seller.