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FBerndlmaier on Jan 20, 2019
1 stars

Does not return emails still wondering wjere my purchase is after 3 weeks !!
Adawson on Jan 10, 2019
1 stars

Tried to contact the seller multiple times and had to resort to PayPal to finally receive the product after three weeks of silence. The seller is not from the UK, the product came from Pakistan from someone who’s name doesn’t match the payment name. It was covered in oil that wasn’t packing grease, causing the blade to rust. The entire handle has a splint down the center. Overall the axe is decent but the seller is sketchy and I wouldn’t recommend anyone purchase from them.
Richard549253 on Jun 2, 2017
4 stars

Shipped fast, with the billets oiled, individually wrapped, and well packaged. Five of the billets had beautiful patterning and were ground flat and square, with no inclusions (except for one with a tiny one on the very edge of the stock). The sixth billet was not up to the same standards, with the pattern good through about two thirds before going very loose. Additionally there are numerous defects along the edges (inclusions, small cracks) and the billet is slightly wavy with inconsistent thickness. Still usable I believe, will find out for sure when I start grinding out the defects. For the price paid, five out of six in ready to use condition is a great value. Will buy from this seller again.
Usjmc3 on Mar 23, 2017
5 stars

The Bearded Viking Axe was great and the shipping was very fast. I plan on purchasing 3 more axes from eKnifeShop I liked the first one so much. Kind Regards