Chunky Cowgirl Red and Blue Turquoise Slab Statement Necklace, Magnesite Western Necklace

Image Description
Chunky cowgirl red and blue turquoise slab statement necklace. Bold and chunky blueish green turquoise and red magnesite slabs separated by 10mm and 8mm Tibetan silver beads make a gorgeous statement necklace for casual or dressy occasions. The big blueish green slab beads in various sizes are separated with 10mm ornate beads and this strand is approximately 25 inches. The red magnesite slab beads in various shapes and sizes are separated with 8mm smooth round beads and two 6mm smooth beads. This strand is approximately 28 inches long. It is finished with a silver plated chain and an large antique silver heart lobster clasp. This magnesite cowgirl statement necklace is very attractive in the contracting colors and could be worn shorter by clipping anywhere on the chain. Thank you for shopping with 123 Gemstones, we are a smoke free home. Turquoise has been used widely throughout history, dating back to 5500 B.C. where it was first found in the tomb of an Egyptian queen. It has been used for amulets and ground into powder for cosmetics. The Native Americans, medicine men, and warriors have also used turquoise for blessing and healing purposes! Its powers include protection, healing, courage, friendship, and luck! Stabilized turquoise - soft or "chalk" turquoise has been infused with a clear epoxy resin. The resin, under pressure, absorbs into the rock, which permanently hardens the rock and deepens the color. Unlike the collectible natural turquoise which deepens in color over time by gradually absorbing oils from the skin as it is worn, the colors in stabilized turquoise are permanent. Most of the turquoise on the market is stabilized.