Natural Rough Lemon Crystal Quartz Statement Earrings, Chunky Hammered Quartz Nugget Jewelry

Image Description
Natural rough lemon crystal quartz dangling statement earrings made with chunky raw quartz nuggets. The nuggets are about 18 x 29mm and have 6mm AB crystal rondelles framing the top and bottom of each stone. The length is about 1 7/8 inches and I used silver plated ear wires. Thank you for shopping with 123 Gemstones, we are a smoke free home. Lemon Quartz (also called green gold) is a variety of yellow quartz with shades of green that is mined in Brazil. Quartz is a mineral found on Earth and the Moon. First used as tools and weapons, then later for jewelry and decorative objects, Quartz comes in almost any color of the rainbow and represents any zodiac sign. It is said to be a strong gemstone that empowers people, and also raises and focuses energy. Quartz can also provide emotional and physical balance, lessen anger, and reveal exaggerations!