Navy Blue Shell Colorful Beach Statement Necklace, Multistrand Bold Beach Wedding, Mother of Pearl Shell Mosaic Bead Statement Necklace

Image Description
Attractive deep navy blue shell beach necklace made with Mother of Pearl 12 mm mosaic shell round puffy coin beads. This warm and exciting 5 strand statement necklace is perfect for the bride or with jeans. Can you feel the warm sun and the sand on your feet? This exciting necklace can be worn in a drape or give it a twist for a different dimension. The length is 18 1/2 inches and it is finished with silver plated chain and a silver plated lobster clasp. Mother-of-Pearl {shell} - Comes from the iridescent shell lining of large oyster pearls, abalones, and top shells. It is fashioned into beads, buttons, pendants, cameos, hair combs, pillboxes, and other decorative items. In healing folklore it is calming, especially in instinctual and survival based issues. It is also referred to as “Oyster Shell”.