Blue Green Jasper Green Lemon Turquoise Statement Necklace, Tibetan Silver Multistrand Necklace, Turquoise Gemstone Statement Necklace

Image Description
Blue-green jasper and green lemon turquoise make up this statement necklace. This multi-strand necklace is made with 10mm swirled blue jasper beads separated by shiny Tibetan silver saucer spacer beads. The oval green lemon stabilized turquoise beads are uniquely speckled, are evenly shaped and have a nice polish. They are approximately 20x15mm and separated by Tibetan silver 4mm beads. And one strand of green lemon turquoise beads approximately 14x10mm that alternate with blue jasper making this colorful necklace a great asset to any wardrobe. These beads are very different with the darker green speckles on the yellowish green ovals. The contrast is lovely and unique. The length is 19 inches and it is finished with silver plated chain and clasp but you could wear it a little shorter by clipping anywhere on the chain. You can wear this one of a kind necklace draped or give it a twist for a different look. Jasper is found in nearly any color of the rainbow. It often contains organic material, which gives it unique patterns, bands, and colors. Many say that these patterns resemble landscapes with mountains and valleys. It is said that Jasper provides grounding and protection against negativity.