Composition Book or Journal Cover- Pastel Fern Fabric Sunprint

Image Description
Bright Rainbow Fern Sunprint Fabric Cover for Composition Book or Journal. Size- 8"x10.5" closed.

This Sturdy Beautiful Decorative notebook cover is made using my sunprinted and hand dyed cotton fabric fused and stitched onto heavy interfacing. The front panel has a sunprint of a fern leaf and a daisy flower over fabric painted in shades of rose, blues and greens with a coordinating hand dyed fabric. Inside pockets hold the composition notebook in place.

A ribbon tie with a bead decoration wraps around the button on the front of the cover to keep your book closed.

Standard Composition Notebook- 9.75"x 7.5" with 100 sheets is included. When notebook is full, just add a new one.

My sunprints are created by painting fabric with acrylic textile paints. Fresh or pressed leaves, flowers, shapes cut from foam sheets, or other items are placed onto the wet paint, then the fabric is put in the sun to dry. The drying process causes the prints to form. The paint under the objects wicks out from underneath along with the water, as the fabric around the objects dries. There is no way to know exactly how a print will develop, due to variations in drying conditions, application of the paint, type of fabric, etc. No two will ever be alike, because the paint won't dry exactly the same way twice.
Approximate Price/Value: $27