Art Quilt- Delphinium Door- 8.5x11- Stones and Walls Series

Image Description
"Delphinium Door" Art Quilt- 8.5"x11" in size.

This Art Quilt is the second made in my Stones and Walls series. It depicts the front door of a home with Delphinium flowers beside the door and Daisies blooming along the stone walk. The stone wall was "built" stone by stone with small pieces of cotton and silk fabrics in soft colors. Freemotion quilting adds texture to the stonework. Dyed silk was used for the Delphiniums accented with small glass beads in the center of each floret. Leaves are cut from various cottons, appliqued on. The daisies are tiny plastic beads with yellow glass beads in the centers. Pastels were used to add shading to the front steps and door panel as finishing touches. Shredded colored dryer sheets and silk batting were added for the moss around the stones in the walk.

This piece has a sleeve stitched on the back for hanging on a slat or dowel as it is, or it could be framed or mounted on artist pre-stretched canvas.
Approximate Price/Value: $110