Rare STEAMPUNK Clock Hammer Shell Casing Cufflinks, by Kay, 5200

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Each and every piece from the Designer Kay Jewelry Line has color coordination, balance, and harmony.


Purchase from Designer Kay with confidence. Kay and John have been jewelers for two decades and have the experience and expertise that is unlike most others. Kay's designs have been featured in magazines and on TV on numerous occasions. Her jewelry has been worn by movie stars, politicians, and princesses.

They're experienced in designing and producing gold and silver jewelry, white metal jewelry, and electroformed jewelry. This is why you can buy with the confidence that you will receive jewelry that is expertly designed and professionally made to last for years to come.


These cufflinks were inspired, assembled, and signed by Designer Kay Herself

Metal: Copper and Brass

Cufflink Style: Steampunk Warrior

Crystals: 50+ Year Old Light Blue Crystals

Size: 21.9 x 31.7mm

Total Carat Weight: 131ct

Additional Information: These cufflinks were hand fabricated.

This is the exact pair you will receive.

SKU: 5200
Approximate Price/Value: $67.34