Black-Eyed Susan, Shasta Daisy, Violet Queen Zinnia Seed COMBO

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You will recieve one pack of each as pictured above. Black-Eyed Suzan Wildflower, Annual -Rudbeckia hirta, Non Gmo Seeds The Black-Eyed Suzan Wildflower is a bright golden yellow, daisy-like flower with prominent dark button eyes. It is great as a cut flower. Easy to grow in most soil types. Very popular. Makes a stunning display when planted in mass. Black-Eyed Suzan is the state flower of Maryland. Shasta Daisy Wildflower, Chrysanthemum x superbum Seeds The Shasta Daisy Wildflower is a very popular single blooming perennial. The flowers are white with a golden yellow center. A favorite to use in meadows, also good for borders and as cut flowers. They are very useful in attracting beneficial insects. Blooms in summer and fall. Zinnia Violet Queen Purple, Zinnia elegans - Annual The Violet Queen produces large, fully double purple blooms that sit atop tall, sturdy stems making this an excellent choice for your cut flower bouquets. They flower from early summer until frost. Used in mass plantings, they provide a dazzling summer display. Heat tolerant and easy to grow. We got a great deal on a ton of recently expired 11/13 NON-GMO seeds for our household and we would be honored to share the love. I planted some a few days ago and they are already popping up. So Exciting! My babies are popping up all over the place. I'm going to be busily planting them for the next few weeks. Happy Yardening!