Bridal White Silk Abstract -Impressionist LaLuna Magnolia Handmade Wedding Floral Hair Accessory Pin-up Flower

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Bridal White Silk Abstract-Impressionist LaLuna Magnolia Handmade Wedding Floral Hair Accessory Pin-up Flower.

LaLuna abstract-impressionist Magnolia bloom is great for any occasion. Custom-made of white color satin with pearl center and comes with an olive color leaf. Wear it to embellish your dress, hat, or simply pinup in your hair.

Dimensions: Magnolia is around 3-1/2 inches in diameter and 1 to 1-1/2 inches high.
Materials: fabric, pearl center, clip
Set on a hair clip.

Available in ivory, white, champagne, red, pink, and other colors. I love creating custom pieces. PLEASE contact me if you would like to have a new or variation on any of the designs in my shop; or have questions about colors, sizes, and prices. I can make a matching accessory from your fabric to complement your look.

An original design by Floreti. I make flowers myself from cutting each petal by hand, to shaping it to form a bloom. When you buy my products you are getting a true couture work, no two flowers are the same.

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