Bentwood Ring Ebony with Lapis Lazuli Inlay and Sterling Silver Accent

Image Description
This gorgeous Bentwood Ring is made of Ebony with an inlay of Lapis Lazuli set off with Sterling Silver accents. It is shown in men's size 12.5 and is approx.10mm wide. Other sizes and widths are available. To order a similar ring in sizes 4 to 14, simply purchase this listing and include a message requesting the size you wish. Your new ring will normally be ready to ship in 7 to 10 days. Besides beautiful, these rings are functional and unbelievably tough. All my rings are handmade in the bentwood tradition. Bentwood rings start with a very thin strip of carefully selected wood that is steamed and wrapped around a form multiple times. Then, depending on the design additional strips are added, or groves cut to add inlays and all the unique details of each ring. The final shaping alone takes each ring through 8 levels of sanding, ending with 1500 grit. Once ready for the finish, each ring receives 12 to 20 coats of cyanoacrylate then is polished with 9 extremely fine grades of micromesh and a final polishing with an acrylic polish. Each ring is unique and with proper care will last for generations.
Approximate Price/Value: $120