iPOOD tshirt Onesie Decal Sticker 4 inch round sticker Computer Humor Onesie

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Humor Onesie Stickers are great baby gifts. This listing is for one 4 inch computer humor onesie decal sticker. These humorous onesie decal stickers offer you an array of laughs and giggles from all around. All my designs are created from my own imagination and creativity. The perfect gift for any mom or dad! Pat it onto the childs belly and watch funny reactions. These onesie stickers are printed with waterproof & non-toxic laserjet ink onto a Vinyl-like Adhesive Material made right here in the USA, which means it is completely waterproof & indestructible. The sticker itself is not paper. This adhesive sticker is super thin, flexible and tear proof allowing it to bend with the babies movement. It is a matte opaque white, not clear or transparent, so you can use it on colored or patterned onesies. These will "pop" whereas a transparent sticker would be hard to read. WHAT MAKES ONESIE STICKERS FANTASTIC? 1. Removable, Waterproof & still STICKY! This extra durable adhesive is completely removable! This means you can place it on the babies onesie or tshirt and it WILL NOT leave any residue at all anywhere, and is sticky enough to stay on the baby onesie all day. You can also take it on and off the surface for repositioning, it will still stick. So when you have the time to capture the memory, just stick the onesie sticker into your baby scrapbook! Since we all know babies drool and spill sometimes, this laser printed waterproof sticker is the perfect solution. 2. Indestructible! I know you are probably thinking what I thought, that you can rip and tear it easily in half. NOPE! I tested this myself. I tried to tear it using my teeth and hands and it would not tear or even stretch, so it is pretty indestructible. So if the younger one gets a hold of this they too and the sticker will be okay! 3. Just STICK-IT and then CLICK-IT - Peel the sticker from the backing and place it centered & close to the neckline of babies onesie. Press down firmly. Dress your little one in his/her newly decorated onesie or tshirt. - Set the stage & pose your little subject. Have him/her say Cheese & click the camera. Be creative and try a bunch of different poses. 4. Pre-packaged Gift for giving Each set of our Onesie Stickers comes in an individual white window envelope with printed details on how they can be used. Makes a convenient package for gift giving. Babies grow so quickly. Capture every change along the way. You will be amazed at how much your little one grows. Some creative ways to use your Babys monthly pictures: + Make a photo collage of your Babys first year. + Send a monthly picture to the proud Grandparents. They will love it! + Add photos to your Facebook or blog to creatively update friends and family on your childs growth and milestones. + Use your creative genius with the photos and create portraits, calendars, or collages for family and friends. + Save each Sticker for your Babys scrapbook and place it next to the picture. NEW designs are being made daily. Please visit my store for more baby or toddler gift ideas.
Approximate Price/Value: $3.98