Nature Clean All Natural Powdered Laundry Soap 50 Loads

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Over 10 years ago I began making handcrafted soaps and my own laundry soap after developing a snowballing allergic reaction to chemicals in antibacterial soaps and fillers in most laundry detergents. After all these years it occurred to me that I should market my laundry soap as well as my soaps.
Prepared by hand and made with all natural ingredients, this laundry soap will clean your clothes and protect the environment.

 No Suds
 Environmentally Friendly
 Safe for Septic Systems
 NO Detergents-NO Chemicals
 Totally natural-Made with our own Handcrafted Soaps
 Perfect for Sensitive Skin and Baby Clothes & Diapers

One tablespoon will clean a normal load of a top loading washer with colors and whites coming out great! Natural Clean Powdered Laundry Soap is HE machine compatible and only ½ tablespoon is needed.

You will receive a bag with enough for 50 top loading washer loads and 100 loads from your HE machine.

For Your Information
Have you ever wondered why after a few months to a year after buying your white towels and white clothes just never seem to be as white as they used to be, even after using bleach in your laundry?

The manufacturers of towels, shirts, linens, etc., put their white fabrics through a process of bluing before they sell them to you. After you use the items for awhile they get dirty and you wash them. The detergent, bleach and water lift out the dirt and stains and the fabric is clean, but after a few months it is not "snow-white" anymore.
In order to counteract this yellowing, you need to re-blue the items. A little diluted bluing in the washing process or in the last rinse water adds that white pop back in your clothes and linens.
If you can’t find bluing in your grocery, you can go here to find a retailer near you:
For yellowed & dingy whites (1-2 times a year)
Launder as usual. Fill the washer again with cold water for a second rinse.

Mix 1/8 tsp laundry bluing into 2 qts cold water. Add this mixture to the second rinse cycle. “Don’t use fabric softener or vinegar in this bluing rinse!”
Approximate Price/Value: $10.5