Watching the Wheels

Image Description
"We must separate the pieces, Henry." Walter spoke the truth; the machine caused too much trouble. Especially now that Professor Cardian had discovered it. "How do you propose we go about this?" Henry stared at the controls. "It requires all four of these devices to run, yes?" Walter tapped the window of one of the meters. "If we remove these, we can leave the rest intact." "The plans..." Henry worried. "Are safe." "Very well then, say the pieces are separated. How shall we guard them?" "Simple. We shall hide them in plain sight." Walter smiled. "It is our luck that such things are the fashion of the moment." Henry's face twisted in an effort to imagine such designs. "Edward is on his way. All shall become clear soon." ______________________________________ This lovely steampunk piece is fashioned from a reclaimed watch movement embellished with copper and silver finish accents, and attached to an old-fashioned bicycle pendant and chain of an antiqued brass finish. Necklace length (including bike) is approximately 26 inches (66cm), with the pendant itself measuring 3 inches (7.6cm) in width.