Time Machine

Image Description
Edward eyed the dial in his hand. "So this is the Specific Time control, eh?" "Yes," Walter nodded. "It's the most intricate of the devices; very sensitive." "Oh, yes," Henry's eyes sparkled as he interrupted. "This dial is for the hour. You align it to this groove, then this wheel adjusts for the location of Aldebaran-" "Yes, lovely. I shall need a moment to think." Edward opened his bag; glints of various metals reflected in his eyes. Walter pulled a confused Henry to one side. "Let him do his work." "Certainly. Just what is it exactly I'm leaving him to do? A metalsmith, Walter? There's that smile of yours again." "I said we'd hide the controls in plain sight, didn't I?" "You mean-" "Jewelry." Henry found himself a chair. "I'd thought it a jest!" "It's our only chance." Henry nodded, and before he could give it much more thought, Edward presented the first design... _________________________________ This beautiful steampunk piece features a genuine reclaimed Waltham watch movement, embellished with additional gears and parts. The back of the pendant features a large clock gear and wing embellishment. Brass frame and chain. The necklace chain measures 21.5 inches (54.6cm) with the pendant measuring approximately 2 inches (50mm).