Vintage Aluminum Film Canisters

Image Description
Vintage, industrial, aluminum film canisters perfect for storing small items, jewelry, memory cards for your camera, needles, pins, and other craft uses. The body of the canister is aluminum and the lid is painted a steel grey that is partially rubbed off from use and age. You can see the aluminum wear through the paint.

CONDITION: Canisters are in good condition and have a nice, vintage wear to it. The body of the canister may have a small ding or dimple but are otherwise clean on the inside and out.

*Please see photos and be aware of the condition these canisters are in.

The area of most wear are the lids where a person would place their thumb to unscrew the lid. I think they have a great weathered look to them and the aluminum is shiny and clean. These cans are unmarked with no manufacturer's name.

GENERAL BACKGROUND: I believe the aluminum cans were used to hold negative film up until the mid 1970's. Companies, like Kodak, switched to the plastic film containers from then on. I think AGFA was using aluminum negative cans up until the late 1970's. Depending on the film company, aluminum cans were color coded and painted based on the type and speed of film it held.

SIZE: 1 1/4" diameter, 2" tall

QUANTITY: Buyer will receive two (2) canisters.