handwoven silk pa biang from Laos

Image Description
This handwoven silk 'pha biang' (women’s shoulder cloth) from Laos is a fine example of supplemental weft weaving.

In basic weaving, the warp is the tightly stretched lengthwise core of a textile. Weft threads are woven crosswise between the warp threads to create the pattern.

In this piece, the weaver has used two weft threads, one to create the background and one to create the design. The additional (supplemental) weft thread may extend the entire width of the textile or it may cover only a part of it. (Please see our blog post on Laotian 'pha biang' for more information.)

This beautiful piece can be worn as a scarf or used as a table-runner or wall hanging.

approximately 80" x 16" (203 x 40.6 cm.)
Approximate Price/Value: $55