Ritual Protection Remove Blocks Cleanse All Negative Energies Spell

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If spells don't work this could be why. Have you had many spells cast and they don't work? If so, it could be that energies are surrounding you or your target, preventing the spells from working. This banishes all energies and gives you a clean slate, allowing spell work to do what it was designed to do. Or are you trying to develop psychic abilities, or communicate with the devine, or a caster who is not sucessful? If so, removing all blocks may be needed. This powerful spell is designed to aid you, by increasing your own positive energy and banishing those forces responsible for causing problems in your life. In this ritual I will call on the spirit guides to bring them into the center of the circle. This is a powerful spell and the ritual is 3 hours long. Be sure I will do my best to help you. This does not expire, in other words there is no time that this will expire. This is a special offer and will not always be offered, so to ensure your future today. Once you purchase this spell I will need from you- 1,YOUR FULL NAME (BIRTHNAME) 2,DATE OF BIRTH 3,PLACE OF BIRTH (CITY, STATE,PROVIDENCE), & TIME OF BIRTH (IF POSSIBLE) .Please include your real name, all information is strickly confindental. Please send your information by leaving a message to the seller in checkout, this is the easiest and fastest way for me to get your information. All Spells are cast within 24 hours of purchase, I will email you and let you know how the spell went. You do nothing, i cast this for you. Who am I? I am Lilith, I was born different. Just as my mother and grandmother were before me. As a young child, I began having visions, although I had no idea what they meant. Over the past 10 years I have developed by skills, and have been helping others as a medium and psychic. I have been studing and practacing white magic for over 10 years, and have cast many spells. Rest assured, I will use all of my energy when casting. Legal: All spells and readings are for entertainment purposes only, you must be 18 to purchase. Please note: this reading and or spell is not a replacement for medical, mental or any kind of medical treatment.
Approximate Price/Value: $9.59