Spring Breezes Lacy Afghan

Image Description
This lovely creation is worked in a pattern from Terry Kimbraugh. It's done with a medium sized hook and worsted- weight red heart style ( regular) snowy white yarn. A thing like this, takes a very long time to make. While working on it, I was constantly reminded of white lace curtains blown about by the spring wind. The afghan looks delicate, but that yarn is quite strong. Washed and dried by machine, on the delicates cycles, this lovely thing will last a long, long time. This measures 57 x 64". The largest dimension, then, the length, is about 1 inch larger than the tape of a tape measure. 8" shorter than 2 yds. The overall shape is nicely rectangular. It has a kind of old- fashioned look to it. It was arduous, but i just HAD to make it. The pie- faced catt is not for sale at this time. .