(English Garden) Green and Violet Log Cabin Quilt

Image Description
The gist of this quilt is to be found in the book, "English Cottage Quilts". It is on the cover, and is why i bought the book. I made a lot of subtle design changes, but what i have done is basically the same. Why ?? Becuz I LOVED it as given ! It is a log cabin quilt, and if you look at it for a little while, you can see the pattern in it, even if it LOOKS rather random at first. Top and bottom are 100% cotton, the batting is that fluffy polyester type, to give it that high loft I wanted to make all the quilting stand out like it does. There are no curving lines here, all the quilting is done with straight lines only. The quilt measures 70 by 80", and is a good size for a full bed. I read that the closer to the border, the more quilting it needs for long life, what is why i always quilt my borders heavily. Of course, can be machine wash- and- dried. The backing has partially been pieced, there are 2 pieces of the plainer lavender with stars and a bit of lavender with flowery lines in white on it. I have no idea how many fabrics were used here. There was a staggering variety, tho... I like to think, not too much of any one fabric. I loved making this quilt !!! Maybe... YOU would love to use it !